Photography by Anna Moller

Light through aperture falls on unexposed film. Such is the way imagery was captured during most of the last century.  Below, Anna opens her lens to the house and captures the essence of the house on film without any trickery.  More information about Anna at

14_Ocean view detail.jpg
2_front exterior.jpg
22_kids on the roof.jpg
21_kids on the roof.jpg
5_kitchen square.jpg
6_dining table sq.jpg
3_window detail.jpg
7_ View from kitchen.jpg
8_View to ocean.jpg
9_Dining table set 1.jpg
10_ Bathroom.jpg
12_View from dining area.jpg
15_ exterior close.jpg
16_Front exterior square.jpg
17_front pulled back.jpg
19_kids on the roof.jpg
20_kids on the roof.jpg